The Working Progress of Design

Working Progress

The Design process takes on several aspects in order to reach the final outcome.  Research is key to where the creative journey starts and should take you in several directions during your design process in order to explore all possibilities for your design. 

Responses to Research

Research can look at historical and contemporary garment references along side other areas of contextual sources in order to inform the your design process.  Research continues throughout your design and construction process where you will analyse your primary and secondary research responding to it accordingly.  Responses take on different forms including sketching and collage techniques as well as 3D development work.

2D to 3D

Exploring research and incorporating several methods in your process is key.  Collage techniques using research images to explore silhouette and shapes within your garments is an effective way to play with scale and proportion.

Sampling your ideas where you can test techniques and develop 3D versions of design details within your design can then be taken on the stand to explore drape and placement.

3D to 2D

Work on the stand can then be taken back into 2D design development where sketching over these stand development images can help give consideration to other possibilities within your design and collection.  Refined development of these ideas can then be sketched onto body templates so the garment can be considered as a 360 degree design, considering not just font and back but also the side view

Line-up & Technical Drawings

A line-up is produced to illustrate the look, colour, fabric and proportions on the body as well as how the pieces are worn together in the collection.

Technical drawings of the garments are then produced as part of the construction process where pattern cutting and garment construction is considered for correct fit and finishing methods.

Toile & Garment construction

A toile which is the first version of your garment design is constructed and refined to check proportions, fit, placement details and scale.

Working with a 3D piece which can incorporate traditional and new techniques in order to for realisation process to take place.

Toile's can take on many forms in order to reach the required outcome  and ensure its production is correct to industry standards prior to its construction in the final fabric.

Garment construction Process reels - click the heading to view

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