Graduate  BA(Hons) Fashion  PORTFOLIO'S

Paige Hilton          Sophie Scott         Jasmin Maxwell        Moses Quartey

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Paige Hilton’s graduate Collection is based on her younger self wanting to live in a futuristic surreal world. The future is now and the world is going through a surreal time but not in the Sci-fi way She envisaged. So creating futuristic style garments her younger self would have wanted people to be wearing was an exciting prospect. Using shape, structure and her own surface print designs brings that Sci-fi feel and futuristic world to life within the new world we all live in.   Photography @editorialstudiosmcr

Specialism : Fashion & Fashion Styling

Contact via instagram: @paigehiltonfashion

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Sophie Scott’s graduate collection ‘PWR-FL Femininity’ has been created from imagining a post-Covid era. Specifically whereby women are needing a zero-waste, confidence boosting wardrobe to tackle their male dominated workplace. Balancing sustainable femininity with oversized, menswear silhouettes to create powerful workwear for the new working woman.  Photography  @yelena_art_photo

Specialism : Sustainable Fashion/textiles womenswear

Contact via instagram: @sophiesamantha_fashion

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Jasmin Maxwell’s graduate ‘ALICE IN FUNKYLAND’ is a collection inspired by the admiration of nanna Alice Maxwell, who needed to design and make clothes for her daughters due to economic restraints, combined with interests of kinetic movements. The result is a unique range of funky and quality garments with accessories inspired by 1960’s/1970’s children’s and women’s fashion: with a juxtaposition of fabrics, colours and oversized silhouettes. Combining vintage details with a more modern look, experimenting with collaging. The fabric choice is based on childhood excitement of wanting to touch enticing textures, adding to the playfulness of the collection reflecting a creative and quirky personality, with a nod to its ancestors.   Photography @editorialstudiosmcr & @lolavalentinaphotography

Specialism : Fashion womenswear

Contact via instagram: @jlily_fashion

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Moses Quartey’s graduate Collection takes inspirations from the different rituals, gatherings, and ceremonies, and use of the different motifs, colours, shapes, and silhouettes to be able to give his collection a narrative with each design. Other Inspirations come from Cubism, looking at the various patterns, shapes and colours which reminded him of the different patterns, shapes, and colours in African print.  Overall, ‘A GOLDEN TRIBE’ gives younger people of an African heritage a more modern solution to represent their heritage through high end fashion.  Photography @editorialstudiosmcr &  @pennyhaskellphotography

Specialism : Fashion menswear

Contact via instagram: @quartey_design

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